Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Saturday Night


Hope you are having a good weekend. I've had some fun experiences lately, so I'll share...
Last Sunday afternoon my folks, Steve, and I travelled to Chicago for a Sunday afternoon wedding. What fun! It was a building in a nursery, so the scenery proved gorgeous. We met up with my sister and brother-in-law, so that was even more fun. The bride and groom dressed in a fancy (not bridal) dress and a cool suit with a leopard (meow!) tie. Everyone looked so lovely. It's funny to see Lake people dressed up!

On Thursday, I had an appointment to receive a medical facial. (I had temporarily forgotten my appointment, thank goodness for reminders.) Well, a tornado warning issued on the radio while I sat in my car. The sirens whistled downtown. So, the spa orphan runs across the street and desperately knocks on the door. The kindly staff lets me in (and escorts me back to my car.)
About 15 minutes later, I call Steve back and zoom home. About 15 minutes after I arrived home, the floodgates opened and we experienced crazy weather!

Friday night I worked and then visited my friends for the feminist film night. We viewed a movie and ate a plethora of food. I passed out when I came home. The next morning I practiced taekwondo, enjoyed a picnic lunch with Steve in the park, witnessed a wedding in the gazebo in the park from far away and went on errands. Then I visited a girlfriend before visiting other friends at a birthday bash. I slightly injured my middle and ring fingers with a kitchen knife. No stitches, just blood and some worried friends. It's cool.

Now I am here hanging out with Steve and kitties. Have a good Sunday!


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