Friday, October 26, 2007


Halloween season is truly here and I have hardly noticed.
After Mom shooed us out, Dad and I left the hospital and went to lunch. We drove around aimlessly for awhile until we found a cafe.
In order to avoid insanity I practiced taekwondo, cleaned up and then attended a friend's jewelry party. I like this jewelry, so I may sell it as a side hustle. It's called Lia Sophia.

After eating two bowls of my friend's homemade vegetable soup, I ordered a pair of earrings and left. On the way home it started to thunder and lightning. And then rain. So much rain. Downpour. Like a big, heartfelt cry.

Steve found my secret chocolate chip cookie dough stash in the fridge and baked it up. Mmm. I still prefer a bite of the raw dough, though. Mmmm. Guilty pleasure.

Tomorrow night Steve and I are going to a couple of Halloween parties. We haven't really discussed what we are going to be. Steve is wearing a cthulu mask. (Think green octopus). I've decided to wear a long black wig, black geek chic glasses, a black dress, and black boots. Incognito.

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