Friday, November 09, 2007

Red Life Flower

Yesterday proved to be a difficult afternoon. After I found out about Mom's prognosis of terminal lung cancer, I left work with dignity despite the meltdown I had in my office.
(Thank goodness for doors and manager's offices.)
Steve met me at home and we drove to my folks house. Cry, hug, sniffle, take a bite of pizza, sniffle, cry, take another bite of pizza, chew, swallow... (you get the picture.)
Today I called in heart-sick, spent the day in bed in light slumber in my pajamas with a warm cat, emailed and talked to family and friends. In all the shock and bewilderment of everything happening, I am also surrounded by a warm blanket of family and friends. It's like a big spiritual hug.
I also perused through nature photos of the past and found a perfect one. A lone red flower among the murky wood and fallen leaves. It's a red life flower, representing resilience and a fight.

Love, Lolo

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