Sunday, December 23, 2007

Almost Christmas Eve at the Caskey House

Happy Frosty Windy Sunday!

I had lunch with a wonderful friend at this great place called the Chicory cafe.
It has a New Orleans style cuisine and atmosphere. After we exchanged gifts and had coffee talk, we played library. My friend let me borrow her Santa hat to wear. I am still wearing it as I post. I also blogged on our library site about Christmas trees:

After playing library, my chariot (a kindly man driving a gray Prius) awaited for me in the parking lot. We stopped home before trekking to my parent's house. Steve and I saw Anne and Drfi, Mom and Dad. We had pizza, watched a funny movie, and then talked a little bit. Mom went to bed early. Steve was feeling a bit under the weather,so we decided to leave early.

After the movie, we were talking and ready to head back to town when... the lights went out. Not even a flicker, just boom. Quiet. Dark. We scrambled for flashlights and lighters to light the candles (thank goodness it's that time of year that candles are plentiful.)

Well, we eventually went back, and told Dad to call us if they need to come over and stay the night. I hope Mom stays warm... that's the most important thing.


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