Saturday, December 29, 2007

Goldilocks and the Three Furniture Stores

Once upon a time, Steve and I searched for an entertainment center.

We outgrew our current entertainment center with a big television from Santa. In the early afternoon, we visited an antique shop looking for a person to create a custom armoire.

The woodmaker was not there. He went home to take a long winter's nap (seriously), so we went to Chili's to eat. After returning home, we visited Mom and Dad. We then decided to go shopping in the Merry Land of Strip Malls.

Two stores later, we visited a magical place called Oak Express. We wanted doors to tuck the tv to bed. We borrowed a tape measure and looked around the store. Too small. No doors. Not enough room for DVD player, etc. Too big for living room. Our fairy salesmother was kindly and tried to help us as much as she could.

We were in the car (Kumi) leaving the magical place when the fairy salesmother flagged us down and told us she found something we could use!

So we re-entered the store and she showed us a cherry entertainment center hidden in the back with sliding doors (we didn't even think of sliding doors!) and glass library shelves. There was a slight scratch that could be touched up on the top corner. It was originally on sale for $1,200 but it was on clearance for $298! So, we discussed it and bought it. Yay!

So the tv will live happily ever after. Now the armoire just needs to be delivered. All is well.

The End.


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durfy said...

yay rrorro!


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