Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Fish and Snowy Saturday Night


I attended taekwondo this morning and practiced our front and back rolls I need to learn for brown belt. One time, my back roll was so wayward that I almost got Master Sponseller with my feet! He had to move... and fast! Tee hee hee... it was funny.

Today we also shopped a bit more... getting closer to finishing up. After we dined at Logan's Roadhouse (a mecca for omnivores everywhere,)we headed home. And I took a serious nap. (Okay, I've covered food and sleep in almost the same sentence. Id alert.)

We were supposed to go bowling and then go clubbing (scouting rather) at a place that is featuring an '80's band. (We're doing the 1980's for RetroFest next year.)
Well, we looked outside and decided to hibernate for the night. We're watching the Best of Chris Farley on SNL and surfing the web. Tomorrow I will need to go exploring in the neighborhood and take photos. Need more winter photos, possibly for next year's Christmas cards.

Have a good evening! Please stay warm!

Love, Lolo

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