Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday Night Nunchakus


Today was a good day. Tonight I visited my snow angels next door and exhanged gifts. They are terrific friends. They loaned me Karen Kingsbury books, and gave us a beautiful cat ornament and chocolate covered mini-pretzels. And a card. Yay.

Last night I engaged in a guilty pleasure. While watching The Biggest Loser, I indulged in a huge bite of a warmed pretzel dipped in hot gooey cheese sauce. Can you burn empathic calories by watching other people work out?

Tonight I attended taekwondo and practiced cardio, bagwork, double nunchakus (that was totally cool--so Bruce Lee someone said) forms, and doing forward and backward rolls on the mat. It was cool... I didn't nearly snowball Master Sponseller this time. My rolls are getting neater!

Anyhoo... I come home, greet the kitties, talk to Mom, see Steve as he brought home gifts for us from other friends... a book for Steve and a journal (giggle) for me!
I love journals... paper and online! I have nearly three bookshelves full of collaged books--poems, journaling, cards from loved ones, magazine clippings, cartoons, drawings. I asked Steve if I should combine my journals into books and lose the journals and he said to keep the originals. (He should be an archivist!)

Well, off to shower, then finishing cards, then off to sleep.
Have a good evening.

Lolo Grasshopper

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