You've Been Warned...

...I'm cooking for you! (Just kidding)
Actually, I'm being teased for a)accusing someone of smoking the salmon instead of broiling it and b)for blogging about food! At least there are readers out there on my bloggie! Yay!

Well, this post has NOTHING to do with food but does have to do with reading. I called in sick this morning (I am, really.)I finished this cool book in the waiting room of the doctor's office, waiting for a prescription refill at the pharmacy, and finally at home on the couch draped with a blue blanket.
The book, called You've Been Warned by James Patterson, involves a nanny/aspiring photographer, a love affair, nightmares, and murder. Very creepy. It's sort of a Stephen King-meets-Barbara Delinsky with a dash of James Patterson (due to the short chapters and the quick pace.) The co-writer of the book, Howard Roughan, also penned Honeymoon with James Patterson and that book is about a female serial killer who murders her husbands (that would make an interesting bridesmaid's gift!)

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it!

More Later!
Love, Lolo


Kaiju said…
How much of Patterson's books, do you think, are truly his writing and not a ghostwriter?

Same goes for Tom Clancy and William Shatner....
dana said…
I don't care who is writing...
I listened to "You've been warned"
just before Halloween! and i thought it just got better and better! A perfect in the car listen. Thanks for writing about it!
Minion-of-URKOBOLD said…

Mrs. Moose said…
the salmon was roasted, not broiled.

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