Monday, January 28, 2008

After Nine Months, a Brown Belt is Delivered

I was awarded my brown belt tonight in taekwondo class. What a relief. The graduation to this belt and the next one is exciting. I am now in the advanced belts. Time to focus and set a good example for others at the school. Forms are starting to click. My forms are actually taking form rather than stumbling through them. I embrace the forms rather than shirk from them. Martial Arts, like Librarianship, is starting to morph into a lifestyle. Like reading more to improve reader's advisory, I am practicing more to improve martial arts. Thank you, Master Sponseller, for your kindness and patience during my journey. You rock! And now the journey continues...I will appreciate the brown belt and look forward to attaining the red belt. Love, Lolo


durfy said...

yay rrorro! yay!!!!!!

Jenny said...

That's great!

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