Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dough-Ray-Me-Fa-So-La-Tee-Dough! Food Musings

(Couldn't find the croissant ones, but close enough.)


Since this is about food, I suppose it can be considered an id blog. I am on my own tonight (Steve is at a bar with our friend Kenn Kong. Who knows what adventures those two will get into. I'm on standby with bail money, except I'd have to hail a cab right now...) I just ate the last part of a block of mozzarella cheese... I am sipping on a 2003 Chardonnay which is okay, but a little dry. It's still yummy. I should have eaten the cheese after wine so I could have truly had cheese with my w(h)ine. (I know, new material.) I'll switch to hot green tea later.
I'm also eating small tomatoes soaked in low-fat ranch dressing. It's pretty tasty. (Too bad Steve is not here to exclaim, "EW!" That's part of the fun of eating odd food--the gross-out factor. If Steve was a cat, he would definitely be Morris. Although he is trying new things. ;))
Here's my oddest food discovery of late... croissant biscuit dough in the tube.
I have always liked dough. I was probably the kid who ate playdough in kindergarten.I always stalked around the cookie dough in the big yellow bowl while Mom was baking chocolate chip or sugar cookies. When she wasn't looking, I'd sneak a spoonful.
"Salmonella!" She would exclaim.
My first job out of high school included dough. I was the biscuit queen: I made the biscuits at Hardee's at 4:00a.m. during the summer of 1989-1990 before college. It was horrible and I pretty much wore most of the profits. (It was an incentive to excel in college.)
In recent years, I have taken to the chocolate chip cookie dough in the tube and I actually found one in a plastic container! That was heaven for me. (Until I stepped on the scale. That's the downside of dough... you have to burn off the dough calories. Do-oh! Cheesy Simpson Humor.)
And Steve would plead, "Don't you want to cook them up?"
"No, it will ruin the taste, dear."

Steve purchased three of the croissant roll dough tubes last week. Much to his chagrin, I took some out of the tube and took a bite. His face said it all: savage.
It was really tasty! So now we have no croissant roll tubes and none were cooked up. And they must have fewer calories than cookie dough because I lost another half-pound this week. (My goal is to actually be the weight I have listed on my driver's license..)
Have a good weekend!
Love, Lolo


Kristen said...

My husband is a doughhound, too. Anytime I make anything doughy he's picking off little pieces. I know it's good stuff when he asks me to save some extra. His favorite is my sour cream sugar cookie dough, but he also appreciates certain types of bread and roll dough. He even buys Martin's bakery potato rolls by how lightly they are baked and smashes them until they are almost as doughy as they were before they were baked! Lolo, I think you two are kindred spirits!

durfy said...

boiled salad?


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