Monday, January 28, 2008

Driving Through the Drive-Through: Greenie Takes a Bath (at the Car Wash)

Hello, Greenie and I drove to the Drive and Shine and paid for the cheapo wash and detail, since I will be driving staff to the neighboring library for a joint staff meeting. (Greenie was getting pretty dingy.) So my mind is on other things, library deadlines, taekwondo forms, and such, and I drive up to the kindly attendant. After he tells me to put Greenie in neutral, he explains to drive to the right after the wash for the detailing. Well, I must have zoned out during the part of keeping greenie in neutral before driving to the right because I started to drive through the drive- through. "Ma'am! Wait!" The attendant yells. "Keep the car in neutral!" Oops. I wonder what would have happened if I did drive through the drive-through. It would have been interesting. Would the suds and rising agents and the air dryers implode? Explode? I really wanted Greenie washed and didn't want to aggravate the attendant, so I kept it in neutral, and sat there. And thought about my favorite car song: Working at the Car Wash. After Greenie was sparkling clean and I turned right and Greenie was detailed, I drove away, but had difficulty fnding the exit. Where is the exit? I took a lap around the Drive-n-Shine and almost washed Greenie a second time. I am the mouse and where is the cheese? This is like a mouse maze! Then, I found a little path, covered with slushy snow. I drove through with my new, clean car! But alas, I found the exit and Greenie and I were on our way home. Love, Lolo

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