Saturday, January 19, 2008

Essay for Taekwondo: Part One

Hi, I'm working on my essay for promotion to brown belt. I'll blog it in snippets, since I'm still drafting it. Enjoy!-Love, Lolo The Tips Among the Belts:Reflections on Martial Arts By LCS After graduating from Indiana University with my library science degree in June 2005, I planned to find a program that would help with my fitness and overall well being. I exhausted the Jane Fonda and Kathy Smith video collections and joined a health club in the 1990’s, took fitness walking and yoga classes, which all were beneficial. However, I wanted something more. I spoke with my husband, Steve, who was a martial artist (taekwondo) in his teens, and he encouraged me to check around and see what was offered locally. I checked through the yellow pages, surfed the internet, talked to a friend who was taking taekwondo at a different school and spoke with the Sponsellers. I did not know anyone at Sponseller’s until later and taking the first step inside the school was a risk.

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