Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Happy New Year!

Hi! This is my first posting of 2008. Happy Happy New Year! Steve and I stayed close to home and spent a quiet but fun evening with friends playing Euchre (a card game played quite a bit in the Midwest) and Clue.
We drove over to a friend's house and the weather was clear and cool, around 30 degrees. By the time we left a bit after midnight, a winter wonderland greeted us outside! We are under a storm warning and are enjoying around a foot of snow!

I wandered outside to take photos and my snow angels called me over toast the New Year and chat. It was lovely.

Our chat inspired me to make the following New Year's resolutions:

In 2008, I resolve to keep my life as simple and as tranquil as possible.
In 2008, I resolve to spend more time with the people I care about.
(If you receive this blog link in my email, I am referring to you.)
Have a great day and enjoy the snow! Please let me know how you spent your New Year's Eve!

Did you stay awake until midnight?



Kristen said...

Hi Lolo! We spent NYE at some friends' house. You should have seen the setup. My friend Kelly is like Martha Stewart in a younger, prettier, funnier version. She had printed up drink menus and little signs for the buffet. Her food was awesome. We wore little Happy New Year tiaras and drank pomagranate martinis. We stayed there until about 1 and drove s-l-o-w-l-y home in the deep snow. We got stuck at the bottom of the driveway (I knew we should have driven the Jeep instead of the car), so David got the truck out with the plow on it and I got the shovel. We did our driveway and the neighbor's and were in bed by 2. I think I worked off those martinis!

Jerry N. said...

Great resolutions! I trust Steve didn't get caught reneging (sp?) when you were playing Euchre??

Here's to a healthy, prosperous, sensational 2008 - Cheers!!

usuallyemily said...

hello! this is the first year i think i didn't actually stay up til midnight! scott, wren, AND lacey (the cat) and i drove the second day of our drive home from Missouri on the 31st, and we were so tired! i think we went to bed around 9:00...

i love your photo!


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