Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday: the Night Journal

I called off library and visited my doctor. What I thought was a simple sinus infection turns out to be acute bronchitis. Yikes! So I retrieved my meds and headed back home for a long winter's nap. Jack the cat even came up to my face and meowed at me to make sure I was still breathing. Nurse Jack... he's a sweetheart.Then he spawled out over my feet.

Enough of that. I'm currently reading The Night Journal by Elizabeth Crook. It's about a woman named Meg, her crotchety grandmother Bassie, and a journal written by Meg's great-grandmother, Hannah. There are basically two stories woven into one---one takes place in the 1890's and the other--- in the present, in New Mexico. It's a 451 page read, rich with details and lore.

Off to rest now. Have a peaceful evening.

Love, Lolo

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hay. didja know rrorro is a rrama?

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