Friday, February 08, 2008

Freaky Fun Friday

It's been a fast and furious Friday. I visited my optometrist this morning, tolerated the numbing eye drops and the glaucoma test, and dealt with dialated eyes. I must have looked like an addict, because they were huge and freaky! Sadly, my vision worsened a bit, so we're trying new contacts with a higher power. I am actually looking forward to getting older so when I start becoming far-sighted, my vision will actually improve. Still too chicken for laser surgery. (Cluck cluck) But anyway, I bought a groovy new pair of glasses. Tres chic, dahling. New geek chics for a new year.
I am presented with the lovely fake plastic sunglasses that look like 3-D glasses and thank goodness for them, because with the brightness and the snow outside, it would have been miserable. (This is what a vampire must feel like during the daytime.)

Then off to buy pizza for staff (last day for one of my staff), and found out the order was placed by staff, but they didn't have it on the computer. Great. The pizza place apologized profusely and gave me a deal on the one pizza, which was nice. Also, that store was robbed earlier this morning, so I was thinking, I'm visually impared waiting forever for pizza and how will I defend myself if the robber comes back? Didn't have to worry, because the pizza was ready and I was off to the library. I dropped of food, sampled the pizza to make sure it was safe for consumption :), dropped off a group good-bye gift to staff, gave her a hug, and left.

Took a power nap with Jack the cat on my feet and Latte under the covers before taekwondo or I would have never made it through class. (Snoring during class is not good for boosting class morale.) After class, I rushed home, talked to Mom (phone) and Steve (person), jumped in the shower, cleaned up and drove over to Sunny's Korean Restaurant to meet one of my closest friends. We enjoyed a delightful vegetarian meal, hot tea, and a slice of cheesecake. Mmmm.

One more thing--I finally finished a book. It's called Away by Amy Bloom. It takes place in the 1920's and the protagonist, Lillian, is forced to leave Russia to the United States. This book could be summed up in three words: slinky and survival. I would definitely have a box of bon-bons handy. I would not recommend listening to this book in the car... it would definitely cause a fender bender during some of the scenes. Anyway, it's another book I can post on my Goodreads Page.

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