Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Trio's Experience


There were eight of us who celebrated my friend's birthday last night. She made reservations for a new restaurant/jazz club called Trio's. I loved the experience-from the modern look outside to when you open the doors (or rather, a host opens it for you)-to the moment when the host wishes us goodnight and opens the door again.

Since I fixed my hair (no hat), applied war paint, and donned a short skirt (well, short for me-knee length), Steve dropped me off and parked the car. In the comfortable foyer, I rested on the couch and struck up a conversation with a classy lady concerning the menu and the music. She recommended the sweet potatoes-there's actually brown sugar on top! Mmm. It was nice to have met her. She was off to see the musical Evita (which is why parking was scarce.)

As we entered the place, small colorful lamps dangled from the ceiling over the tables, and artwork adorned the walls. The left side of the place, which was not in a straight line, but rather curved, contained dining tables of all sizes. The right side was the jazz club. There was a brick wall where the musicians played (could not see what kind of drumset the drummer was playing.)

The cool thing was that everything was open so you could hear the music while you were eating.

The restrooms were located in the back- very classy and clean. Modern.

As the night flew by, I noticed my music teacher (band) from high school dining at the round table near us. I did not know if he recognized me (he did), but I saw him, we hugged, and chatted. He was very sweet and asked about my sister and I. Before leaving the table, I thanked him for bringing music into my life and we hugged again.

Now, I visit the ladies room and after washing my hands and fixing my hair there is a lady talking on the cell phone. It turns out she is one of my patrons. She tells the person on the phone

that it is Lori from the branch. (Oh, goodness. That hasn't happened for a long time.) We waved goodbye and I take the long stroll back to our table.

I almost ended this blog without mentioning the cuisine (id alert.) It was sooooo tasty. I ordered the sweet potatoes, and then Leek soup (to die for), and then the Penne Pasta with shrimp (mmm.) So decadent. We all kind of passed plates around and sampled food--especially dessert.

Chocolate cake and Creme Broulet (sp). I could only have a nibble because it was sooo sweet!

And Steve and I both enjoyed hot tea and ice water.

We ended the evening around midnight. It was a four-hour dining experience with wonderful people. Thank you for letting me share this evening with you.



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