Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring Forward

(Puppy photograph courtesy of Lori Caskey Sigety c2008)

Happy Sunday night! It's later than I expected. Daylight savings time snuck up on us this weekend. I will elaborate in a few paragraphs, but wanted to write about my fun weekend.

I had Friday off, ran errands, and attended taekwondo. After taekwondo, I visited friends at a local restaurant. It was a wonderful time. We also visited a friend's house after we dined and met their puppy, who is the star photographed at the top of this post! There is nothing more darling than a wiggling little puppy! (Unless it's a kitty.)

Saturday I played library and attended one of the two groundbreaking ceremonies for the renovations. Saturday night Steve and I dined with friends at a local restaurant. It was so much fun.

Today I jumped back in the saddle, arrived to a friend's church late because we forgot about "spring forward", which is the term for setting our clocks forward! I tried to play the electric drumset, but the contraption was too odd for me. The music director looked a little nervous when I asked him where was the switch? Luckily, we decided on a djembe which was located next to the piano and that worked out well. I am really enjoying the hand drums and feel drawn to them. The music director thanked me and invited me back, which is a good sign.

Tonight my in-laws came over for pizza, presents, and a movie. (It was Mom's birthday.) We watched an intellectual(*giggle*) movie: Dumb and Dumber.
And now I am watching Law & Order.

Have a good week!

Love, Lolo

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