Adventures in Minneapolis:Saturday

(Sculpture 2, Minneapolis, LCS March 2008).
(Cherry on a Spoon, Minneapolis, LCS March 2008).

Saturday was really fun. I loved most of the sessions. The first one was a slightly boring one about surveys and secret shoppers. The second one was called from Superheroes to Villians: Librarians in Literature. It was hysterical. Then I attended a session with romance writers and that was a blast, too. Then, after the sessions was the keynote speaker: Paula Poundstone.

Before she spoke there was a Taiko Drum performance. It was awesome!

After PLA was over, a few of us trotted around the city and visited the Walker Art Center in downtown Minneapolis. It was really cool. Then we went shopping. Then I was exhausted so we headed back to our suite, where we packed our stuff and relaxed.


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