Monday, April 28, 2008

Jack the Wondercat Makes a Big Stink About Gaming Night

(I'm Innocent! LCS 2008)


This is another one of the many adventures we've had with Jack. On alternative Friday nights, Steve hosts a pirate gaming night at our house. It's very lively and fun. The guests enjoy the conversation, the gaming, and meeting Jack, Java, and Latte. Java and Latte were perfect cats hostesses and entertained the guests with their charm, looks, and wit. Jack charmed the group with his rambunctious self. Until the second night.

During the game, innocent Jack climbs down the stairs into what I call The Boy Hut, which is also the gaming room. He slinks to the opposite side of the room and disappears unnoticed in the covered litter box. The group then notices Jack running away and up the stairs, probably aware of what is going to happen next. Suddenly, a waft permeates the air and simultaneously the group notices a horrific scent. Jack has managed to clear the room. Steve, horrified as he is a consciencious host, takes the room spray and manages to cover the offensive odor. That was the talk of the evening.

The next game, all's well. The group is enjoying themselves until they notice Jack the Wondercat slinking down the steps. They exclaim, "Uh-oh." And yes, Jack strikes again, and indeed Jack the Wondercat makes a big stink about gaming.



shayna b said...

WHAT ON EARTH is a "pirate gaming night" ?

Anonymous said...

(nerd alert...)

Hi, Shayna,

What Lolo is referring to is the tabletop role-playing game I run, set in the pirate city of Freeport.

The Hollywood studio pitch for the setting might read "Dungeons and Dragons meets H.P. Lovecraft at a midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean".

The rules system we're using is True20, a universal Open Gaming License version of D&D 3.5.


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