Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pig Paparazza,Peeling Paint off the Front Porch, and Other Interesting Things

(April at Gravel Lake lcs 2008)
(Piglet- lcs 2008)
(Pig Livin' lcs 2008)
(Mudbath lcs 2008)
Yes, I was actually sitting on a step and peeling strips of gray paint while watching the evening disappear into nightfall. (We will be painting later this spring). I have been walking alone and with a friend and will be doing taekwondo this week to keep my energy level and my spirits high, as well as tone.
Today was a good day because all's well on the Mom front. She is doing better than expected and I am so pleased. The Mother's Day Vegas trip is on! (End of blogarazza report).
I wanted to share some photos with you of Gravel Lake and the Piggie Farm. The piggie farm photos are hilarious. I asked Steve to stop by the side of the road so I could cross the road (no chickens involved) to get to the other side and get closer photos. The sows were none too thrilled because they were protecting the darling piglets. Anyway, Steve called me back to the car because he thought he saw the farmer coming towards us in his big old tractor. Well, the farmer didn't see us, but we took off anyway.
One more thing. I actually baked potatoes on Sunday and didn't scorch them. However, the fire alarm did go off shortly after.

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