Friday, April 18, 2008

A Tribute to Kitka (June 1994-April 2008)

(Kitka 1 & 2, LCS 2007)

I spoke to a dear friend tonight and she informed me that her beloved kitty, Kitka had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Steve and I met Kitka during the summer of 2000. Kitka was the neighborhood cat. She would lie on the ground and wait for people to pass by on the sidewalk. Then, she would stalk proudly down the driveway and flip over on her back, which is rare for a cat. Kitka would also meow at you loudly until you complied to her demands of uninterrupted petting. When visitors would walk by and pet her stomach, she would continue to writhe on her back until she gave you a gentle bite to inform you, "Okay, I'm done!"

Last fall, my friend told me that Kitka was getting up there in years. And every time I passed by their house, I meant to take photographs. So one early evening, I stopped over to snap the perfect pictures of Kitka and my friend's husband caught me! I just waved and explained what I was doing, and he was okay with it.
The neatest thing about neighborhood fur children is that you also meet and befriend their parents. I met a wonderful friend through a wonderful cat, and I will always be grateful to Miss Kitka, and will think of her every time I trot around the boulevard.

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