Monday, April 14, 2008

Trip to Chicago: Saturday

(View from Chicago 2, LCS 2008)

(Steve's 36th Birthday Cake, LCS 2008)

Saturday was a sleepy day. We were all tired out from the week. Lake Michigan was beautiful. The weather was chilly, rainy, and a tiny bit snowy, but we did not care.
For lunch, we found a wonderful Asian restaurant called They have the best ginger ale imaginable! I dined on scallops and shrimp. The atmosphere was casual, but very funky and modern.
Later we trotted downtown in search of hooves and horseblankets. (Well, clothes not necessarily blankets). We left the princes at Border's while we did a little damage to the plastic at Nordstrums. We visited Nordie's and it was hoof heaven! We purchased hooves (mine were Mary Jane hooves and tennis shoe hooves to trot more often). Then to the racks... I found a pair of blue spring/summer/fall pants. On sale! And they fit! (I do abhor dressing room mirrors, though. Wouldn't one think the mirrors would be more flattering and therefore inspire one to purchase more items?)
Anyhoo, after this clotheshorse-in-training was worn out, we picked up the princes at Borders and trotted home. Then it was Staeve's birthday dinner! They went all out and made steaks,
sweet potatoes with garlic and oil (mmm) and green beans al dente. Add a little pinot noir and some dessert wine and it was fabulous. To top off the evening, there was a surprise cake for Staeve. He's all grown up! :)

Afterwards, we watched more Hardy Boys episodes and made fun of their clothes. (It's MST3K disco-style!) It was a perfect day with the most wonderful people!


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