Thursday, October 30, 2008

Autumn Countryside, Borders and PetSmart

(Red Leaves in More Woods LCS 2008)
Fall is definitely in the air. Tuesday I drove to another library to help out. I forgot how beautiful it is driving in the countryside. Snow lightly topped the autumn trees. The sky was grey, so the effect was even more dramatic. Today, when I drive back to the same library to help out, I will see if the leaves are still on the trees. Although I won't capture the same landscape, I will try to snap a photograph of today.
Last night Steve and I visited PetSmart and then Border's. At PetSmart, there are kitties featured from local shelters. We loved all of them and wanted to take them all home. However, we didn't find the one that tugged at my proverbial heartstrings. We are looking for an adult male cat who is easygoing and will be accepted (and hopefully loved) by Java and Latte. I don't think we'll go with a Morris cat, because he would remind me too much of Jack. I want to honor his memory. I am thinking of a black cat, because those are beautiful and people tend to overlook them because they are considered bad luck.
Well, we can't get enough of books, so we trekked to Border's. I wanted to continue a book called
Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Byron and Bret Witter. It's based on a library director's life and the rescue and life of a library cat in Iowa. It's really touching. Since I'm writing about Jack, this book gives me a lot of ideas and inspiration on how to write about a pet.

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cynth'ya said...

Lovely....and did you say "SNOW!"? Four letter word that's not as great as "cold" unless there's a hot beverage within microwave reach at the end of the day. (smile).

By the way, if you want a black cat (can't help myself on this one...oh Yes I Can but I gotta give in)...will your two incumbent cats based their vote for inclusiveness on character or the rumors that black cats are trouble?

HEEEEE! YES I SAID-IT! In much love, we gotta laugh more than we cry to get by.

And tell Steve-O to talk the wolf mask out for a walk. It's nocturnal you know (tee-hee!)Kenny say's hello....and on Nov. 5, YES WE DID!

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