Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat: My Career is a Now a Rocking Teenager

(Crabby Joe and Pumpkin in my Office, LCS 2008)
I can't believe it. My career is now a rocking teenager! I have been with the library for thirteen years and with the LaSalle Branch as a manager for three years on October 30. Plus, it's been a year yesterday since Mom's been diagnosed with cancer. And she's doing great! She's defeated the statistical odds so far and will continue to do so! The will is such an important thing. She inspires me every day.
Today was a busy day at the Centre Library. I hung out with fabulous colleagues this week and chatted with patrons I used to wait on all the time. Also received a lot of kind words and hugs from former patrons. It was nice. It was quite a perk! I also ratnapped a friend's plastic rat. It, like me, apparently doesn't get out enough.
Tonight I was supposed to game with a girlfriend but I was really tired and had a scratchy throat. I didn't want to a) get sick and b) get her sick. We'll take a raincheck. I had a long overdue chat with my fab neighbor friends (next door) and went trick or treating for their red wine. It did coat my throat. Now I am home and will probably retire to bed soon after I post this blog. Goodnight.

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