Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Eve of the Last Day at the Plywood Palace

(LaSalle Branch 1 LCS 2008)
It's the eve of the last day at the Plywood Palace. As I cleaned out what seems like hundreds and hundreds of files, I found a slightly bent key to a locked mysterious bottom drawer. I opened it and turned the key. Inside I found more interesting files! Schedules way back to 1998 (I only have to keep them for three years), obsolete information, old photographs and programs for the current (now old) LaSalle Branch! How cool is that? I'm totally saving them to add digitally and then use the rest for a scrapbook. Looking back on three years of management at this library, I gained a lifetime of experiences, lessons, and memories. I look forward to completely moving out next week, moving on, and then moving back to a new (and lovely) LaSalle Branch.

1 comment:

VikingMoose said...

very cool. good find rrorro!

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