Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy November Posting :)

(Tree Cross in Woods LCS 2008) "A diamond, however, retains its strength and clarity no matter how many waves crush down upon it. The man of inner peace, similarly, his consciousness made crystalline by inner calmness, retains his equanimity through even the storms of mighty trials."
-Paramhansa Yogananda.
Good morning. This is my first November post of 2008. November is definitely looking up, and I think (no, I KNOW) 2009 is going to be a stellar year. A year of positive change. Tuesday night, with the assistance of dear Steve, I hosted my premiere Lia Sophia jewelry soiree and started my sideline business with a dear friend I coin "my jewelry Mom." It was so much fun to see my friends and fam just hang out, listen to jazz, and play with bling. I am looking forward to the prospects.
I finished a book called How to Be Happy All the Time by Paramhansa Yogananda. The book talks about happiness and how bliss is Divine and starts from the inside out, using internal rather than external forces. It makes sense and inspired me. He also wrote Autobiography of a Yogi and I will need to check that out, too.
Another source of good news is that I visited the Humane Society and fell in love. With a cat. Who looks like Jack's brother. I swear I wasn't looking for another Morris cat (orange and white), but Milo meowed LOUDLY at me the first minute I looked at him. The attendant opened the cage and it was all over from there. I held him in my arms. He licked my arm, my cheek, my newly styled hair (hairapy yesterday), crawled on my shoulders, down my back, and started kneading. It was all over. In fairness, we put Milo back in his cage for a second to look at the other cats. I went back to him and he put his paw out to me. I think Jack may have sent me to him, because I did not plan to go to the Humane Society yesterday. I just did. I put a hold on him(he's getting neutered on Friday) and Steve needs to see him on Saturday. Milo is 2 1/2 years old and has been at the shelter since March. Will give you an update on the adoption process. :)

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