Introducing Mojo

(Mojocat in the Studio LCS/2008)
Mojo is my early Christmas present. :) Today we visited the Humane Society and picked up our kitty. Mojo and Steve immediately hit it off, thank goodness. The poor cat was neutered yesterday, so he has to wear a cone around his neck for ten days so he can heal. Also, he is sequestered in my music studio, so we've been taking turns snuggling with him and trying to keep him calm. We are making sure Java and Latte are getting adequate love, too.


naughty_moose said…
so, you're saying you want pussy for xmas....
Kaiju said…
"Mojo and Steve immediately hit it off, thank goodness."

Yes, that means I can stay! :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Theresa

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