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(RAT in Snow LCS 2008) (RAT in Mansion LCS 2008)
(Lori and Java SJS 2008)
(Lolo and Mojo SJS 2008)
Steve and I traveled with my in-laws and my folks to Tippecanoe Place for an early Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad will be coming back from Indianapolis on Wednesday with a possible chemo treatment, so she won't be up for celebrating with all of us on Thanksgiving. Let's pray for a good (meaning stable) prognosis. Anyway, the six of us enjoyed a delicious brunch together. (Plus, I carried RAT in my purse, so Steve and I snapped a couple of photos for M. :P)
Afterwards, we worked out at Fitness USA. I'm stoked that I figured out how to turn the iPOD off and that the earplugs are actually earbuds. I am so 21st century!
Then we were on cat patrol. Latte is still in isolation and Mojo is still being beastly. (Steve found a box of books that Mojo had tinkled on. Not a good thing.) We are convinced that Java is the only sane creature in this household! She just perches on top of the couch and watches the drama unfold. Tonight (in-between taking over the computer as usual) I hung out with Latte upstairs and finished the book entitled Here's the Story by Maureen McCormick. She's led an interesting life as a child star and an actress. It's a good, popular read. Tomorrow starts the move-out at the Plywood Palace. I get to dress down in jeans and a sweatshirt. Should be fun and a good workout. Have a good week!


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