Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rat with Bling and Mojocat on the Loose

(Rat with Bling LCS 2008)
I ratnapped my friend's plastic rat from the Centre Township Branch and promised to take photos to show her where Rat has been. Well, Rat was playing with jewelry on the first night of my soiree.
I worked over 20 hours in the last two days working on my library gig and my second jewelry soiree, which I am grateful for both, but I am a little slap happy at this point, and therefore rambling on and on about plastic rats.With bling. Perhaps it could be a sleep-deprived hallucination?
We let Mojo out of the studio after I returned home from the neighborhood group meeting tonight. It is interesting. He is warbling and meowing constantly. He also terrorized Latte and she responded in kind. RAWR! Claws and screaming and in-the-air gymnastics, but no scratch marks and no blood. Mojo is ALL over the place. Java is under the couch right now. I can hear the occasional growl from both girls as he passes them by. Someone had a slight accident on the floor. I'm glad we didn't change the carpeting yet. Mojo also needs to learn how to be a gentleman. He has tried to scratch our couch twice now. So much for a restful evening, but it's interesting. And Mojo's so cute.

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