Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hourra Pour le Livre! (Hooray for Books!)

(Antique French Children's Book for Carrie LCS 2008)
It's Saturday morning again. Where did the week go? I divided my time between the Tutt Branch and the Main Library. I helped close the Tutt Branch this Friday. It's a good feeling to see this accomplishment. I also learned how to order non-fiction books in acquisitions, which is fun. Shopping for books! Next week I will be dividing my time again...I will help the Tutt Branch pack up books for part of the week and then work in Acquisitons the rest of the week. After I take some time off, I will return and start in Reference. That will be a lot of fun, as I will have the privilege to work with one of my closest and dearest friends and other wonderful people!:)
In-between libraries, I worked out with a physical trainer, wrote a few Christmas cards, did some on-line shopping, hung out with Steve and the kitties, and then entertained a friend last night. We consumed large amounts of carbohydrates, listened to French music (Edith Piaf) and played three rounds of Scrabble. It was a fun, relaxing evening. Tonight Steve and I will trek to Kalamazoo to a holiday party with extended family from Gravel Lake. Perhaps RAT will tag along? We shall see.

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