Friday, January 02, 2009

January 2 in Indianapolis

I slept, but not much and not well. I woke up with a sinus headache. Steve and I ate breakfast at the hospital and then came over to the IU cancer ward. It's the damn waiting game for Mom to get her vertebrae operated on to alleve her pain. We all take catnaps in her suite and then we take turns going downstairs to eat lunch. I didn't have much. Mashed potatoes and vegetables. I made a happy face with one of the potatoes and the vegetables. Took a photo of it on my cell phone and may post it later. It was pretty cute. Mom and I kick Dad out of the room to go eat and get out for awhile to shop for extra clothes. I asked Steve to go hang out in the family center. Mom and I hang out for a bit and the tech comes to take Mom to the operating room. I go with her and we wait downstairs. After Mom is wheeled into the operating room, I try to find my way back to the suite. It's like a lost red rat in a proverbial cage. People kept giving me directions but I was lost and frazzled and exhausted and so worried. A young woman took pity on me in my tears and guided me back to the room. Steve missed me, as he was waiting downstairs. Thank God for cell phones. I had both with me so Dad couldn't call. (People were calling while we were taking Mom down.) She's back in the room. Seems like the procedure went ok. I'll post another blog later. Love, Lori

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Big D said...

Yay! for okay procedure.

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