Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pink Roses, Continued

I had not eaten enough prior to the viewing, and 3/4 of the way through, I started getting hungry and experiencing low energy. Since most of the visitors had arrived and the viewing room was empty, I excused myself and trotted to the cafe. (Yes, this establishment had a cafe! It was gorgeous.) A kindly staff offered me peanuts and I politely declined (allergic.) So, she warmed up part of her dinner (a rice and chicken dish with garlic) for me and gave me a cup of strong coffee to get through the last hour. It was delicious. While I was consuming the food, another staff member spoke with me. He told me that my Mom's wake was his first day on the job, so he will always remember her. I thought that was really cool. Mom is still inspiring people. Of course, the minute I leave the room, more friends arrive. My sister informed me that I had friends waiting for me. It was so cool to see them. And I am glad we all closed down the establishment: restaurants, wakes, etc. because a dear friend of my sisters and Drfi drove all the way from Chi-town on the ice and snow to visit. Unfortunately, the viewing was over, but Steve and I recommended she follow us to my parents' house. (Sister and Drfi left early to greet family at the house.) If we would have left on time, we would have missed her arrival in the parking lot.

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