Soynut Butter Story

Life seems more humorous after a fitful sleep. I have to share with you the soynut butter story. Last night, Steve and I braved the snow and visited the local supermarket. I was out of diet coke and we needed bread and soynut butter so I could make a sandwich for today. (I am allergic to peanuts and therefore, peanut butter. Peanuts give me migraines.) Anyway, we arrive in the pb and bread aisle. Bread, check. Soynut butter... no soynut butter. Hmmn. We skip over the Skippy, Jif, and the chocolate/peanut butter hybrid quality. Still no sign of soynut butter. Not even an empty shelf for the soynut butter. Hmmn. But, a glimmer of hope... a jar of almond butter sat next to the peanut butter. I thought I would try it and if I developed a headache, then I wouldn't eat it tomorrow. So we purchased it, with my diet coke, and a Cosmo magazine. When we arrived home and emptied the bags, the almond butter had leaked on the Cosmo magazine. Well, the mag was saved, but the almond butter was not. So, no sandwich. Guess our night was spread too thinly. ;) Not meant to eat soynut butter today. But there is a happy ending. Steve took the almond butter back at another location and found soynut butter. Hooray. There's really no moral to this story, except I need to read the Cosmo magazine.


Anonymous said…
that'a a lot of nuts!
- yer seester
SomeoneElse said…
SomeoneTotallyUnrelated said…
whad ahd do?

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