Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Equestrian Epiphany

Lap-fest with cat abruptly ends. I have a leg cramp, so in the process of straightening my legs, Latte tires of my moving around and jumps on the couch behind me and to my left. She gives me a dirty look. Deal with it, Latte. She appears to read my thoughts and looks away. Everything's forgiven as Latte tucks her paws under her body and dozes off. Ah. the life of a cat. As much as I like to be home snuggled under blankets with fur children and drifting into afternoon naps, this is not where I want to be. I want to be back in libraryland with my colleagues and patrons doing my thing. I'm missing a meeting I was really looking forward to today with a mini-reunion with my staff. (We're scattered all over the system right now due to construction.)But the physical body has limitations and I am slowly realizing I need to recognize mine. I canceled the Hustle up the Hancock this year. There's just no way. So Chi-town is postponed and I will be forced to relax this weekend. It's for the best--it's probably frigid right now up there anyway. I'm drained from scrambling to climb back on the proverbial saddle, having the saddle tip over on its side, and I fall back face-down in the dirt (or in northern Indiana, snow) with one foot wedged in the stirrup. I need to approach this new normal in a different way. Instead of jumping on the saddle, perhaps I need to gingerly climb the saddle. Or purchase a different kind of saddle, one that will be easier to affix, climb, and ride. Or maybe I need a different breed of horse, a slower breed of horse than the tireless stallion galloping off into the sunset. I'll catch my sunset again, but it may be with a gentle stroll. I may need to get up and forage for a snack, as I am now craving apples and oatmeal. However, lap-fest resumes as Latte sneaks back onto my legs. (*Sigh*)


Big D said...

Is this the part when I get in trouble for saying there is no saddle?

Or do I get in trouble for do or do not do, there is no try?

Good to know the computer is back up and running.

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha, love the analogy! Your staff misses you much--look for their comments on Facebook. They are having fun at camp, but they want to come home.Treats were scrumptious!

Lori said...

Yoda-san, I mean Derek, you are only in trouble when you tease me about my unruly kitchen! And anonymous, thank you for the kind post! I missed you all!

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