Thursday, February 19, 2009

Malaise, Laps and Cats

It's nice to be back. Like me, my PC decided to catch another (virtual) malaise of some sort and crash. Thank goodness there's an IT expert in the family, so my cyber withdrawal symptoms abate. I sit in my pink and purple flannel pjs and crazy polka dot socks and type. Latte purrs and gazes up at me with adoring green eyes and a lone white whisker among the gray. It appears another whisker is morphing to white and adorns her feline features. She resorts to sprawling across my lap, as her preferred lap is currently on campus cataloging library materials in order to purchase her Science Diet cat food, litter, and toys (all covered in catnip, of course.) When I had the audacity to move her in order to visit the ladies room, Latte expresses her displeasure with a loud MEOW! Sorry, your highness. Now that I am back typing again, all is forgiven. Latte dives into my lap, even though I rest on the floor with my legs crossed with a blue and gray fleece blanket. Now her head is draped over the side of my right leg with front paws completely out. She changes her mind, and nestles into a little balll inside my lap. She is almost as squirmy as me. Java, the other lovely fur child, has taken over the studio and naps the days away in the cat cube next to the window. She learned a few tricks from her brother, Jack. She will now command our prescence in the kitchen as she announces her arrival with a loud, low-pitched ROWR and will continue this until one (or preferably both) of us approaches her and pet her until she receives adequate attention. We are well-trained humans.

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