Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Star Snow

I woke up this morning, grateful to return back to libraryland. I was squirrely from lying and feeling low this weekend. However, I peered outside and thought "No, not more snow. Enough already!" But Steve pointed out to me that the snow was beautiful, like snow on a movie set. "Movie star snow!" I exclaimed. Spring snow with thick white flakes and the morning sun piercing the concrete sky. And he noticed a red shadow in the pure white snow. A red cardinal. So we spent a few minutes watching and taking photographs of the beautiful cardinal. It's so important to notice the small joys in life every day.

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Lori V. said...

"Squrriely" is a feeling I know too well! Lying low is what people say we should do and sometimes we just need a break, esp. when we are going through some tough stuff. However, it makes me wonder if stopping what we love to take a break is the best thing or if we need to move forward. Maybe lying low is best in small doses.

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