Saturday, February 07, 2009

Random Saturday Night Musings

Steve and I had a great day today at Science Alive. Northern Indiana experienced a February reprieve with balmy temperatures (like in the 50-degree range) and people responded by visiting us in droves. Everyone seemed happy and excited about this event. And despite the fact I dragged my weary self out of bed this morning and managed to kick-start my slow motor, the excitement infected Steve and I with happiness. It temporarily lifted our emotional spirits. There was also this wonderful puppy (terrier mix) who was the mascot of the Student Nurses Association at IU School of Nursing. He was little and wiggly and happy with coarse hair and a wonderful puppy personality. (Steve and I were strategizing how to sneak him out the back door to see if anyone would notice (LOL)). I'm afraid the female feline fur children at home would not appreciate us, especially after the Mojo fiasco. Maybe someday, but then I would require allergy shots. Tonight is rough, but it was a really good day. I have decided I am going to copy what a library friend is doing. I am going to write down all the books I read in 2009. In December, it will be interesting to see what I have read so far and perhaps I could see the trends of when I read the most. I could even feed my inner nerd, graph the reading stats, and use it as a benchmark for next year. Can you tell I need a vacation?

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