Friday, July 03, 2009

Hills and Valleys--Java

Java on the Porch-SJS 2009
Steve and I took Java to the vet this afternoon. I was so exhausted from the stress of the visit that I slept for about an hour. Something told me to go with Steve to take Java to see Dr. Harr. She actually has a small growth on her hip (benign) that grew. Java also walks with a slower gait. So we went to have that checked out and after telling Dr. Harr about her walking slower, she ran a series of tests. It turns out that Java has severe arthritis in both hips and has the beginning stages of kidney failure. So we have medication (kitty morphine) and new food to alleviate her pain and keep what's left of her kidney function healthy. Hence the valley. We've had Java since 1999 (and only two years into our marriage) and we really love her. She's a stoic, tough kitty. Hopefully we won't have to make any decisions in the near future, but Java's comfort and well-being is the most important thing to us.

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Marci said...

Oh Lori; brought me to tears... you have had more than your share of loss to deal with -- and when it's your baby... well, it's just hard. I am so sorry...but on the upside, I know Java KNOWS she is loved to the tips of her beautiful kitty toes.

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