Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adventures in Jazz at Trio's

Lori and Steve at Trio's- Taken by the Bartender-2009
Trios--LCS 2009
Saturday night I'm writing in pencil-which the lead keeps snapping off- under a dim light in the bar next to the brick wall of Trio's jazz club and restaurant. A glass of champagne rests dangerously near my left hand and the digital camera rests vicariously to my right. The jazz pulses through my veins. Steve and I sit at a back table near the window. But we do not have to worry about watching the musicians. I am absorbing the music through my bloodstream. As I peer around the venue, people are chatting. Some people are moving to the beat of the rhythm. Others are standing around. The musicians are having a reunion of sorts. They haven't played together for awhile. I know this only because my friend is the drummer. And these musicians were awesome. Guest singers came up to participate. That's what I love about the genre of jazz and blues. It's a give-and-take type of thing where band members showcase each other's music and support it. This is how music is supposed to be. I listened to my friend's drumbeat. You can tell he's behind the Gretch because he commands the beat and draws in the crowd with the heavy bass and heavy snare. You know he's there and he's confident about it. I had forgotten this detail until tonight. It makes me think about playing again, although just dreaming about playing is enough for me right now. That will carry me through. Just as some live jazz will carry me through the weekend. Just what the doctor ordered. ;)

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