Sunday, August 09, 2009

Full Moon Week

Full Moon--LCS 2009
It's definitely been a strange week. We had several incidents this week in libraryland, but it is calming down. I did attend a great Preview Party (fundraiser) at the Francis Branch Library and attended Meet Me on the Island (sans the island) to promote the library. On Saturday, Steve graded here at home while I went to visit a friend for a swimming date. I received a lot of love from her fur children: Hildy the dog (black lab), Elsa the cat, and Petey the kitten/cat. It was a great time. After I came back, we drove up to the Lake, saw family and friends and stayed overnight.
I am looking forward to a calmer week in libraryland and a nice reprieve, as Steve and I are leaving for Gen Con in Indianapolis on Friday. Also, please say prayers for Java. She is not doing well these days.

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