Saturday, September 26, 2009

Art, Books, and Musical Saturday

(Lighthouse--New Buffalo, MI--LCS 2009)
Here's a photo from August. I've been giving framed photographs as gifts recently, so I wanted to post one of the possibilities.
I enjoyed my Saturday. It started early and it was a fast, furious, and fun day. Steve and I drove to the Main Library for the 8th annual Open Book Festival. I've been on the committee seven of the eight years and I believe Steve has been a costumed character for all of them. Steve literally took the shirt off his back for me as I needed a black tee shirt to go with my Cat-in-the-Hat costume. (We swapped shirts). And he lovingly, painstakingly painted the whiskers and nose on my face. I have to say they were the best kitty whiskers I ever sprouted for Open Book or Halloween! ;) The morning was spent greeting happy little patrons inside and occasionally waving to cars outside (some even beeped back). I also hosted Karen from Indianapolis. She is a wonderful storyteller (and family friend). She wowed the crowd (40+ per session) with her songs and storytelling. I was honored to escort her and spend time with her. We had the best drum session yet! The 3rd annual RhythmWorks family drum circle rocked the library. We had 75+ people playing various percussion music. This year there were no hiccups and no damage to any drum equipment. (I had to take off the whiskers and put on the library bun this year. It worked). Patrons smiled and enjoyed themselves and Vinny, Judith, and Joyce brought drums into our souls for an afternoon. The day left me exhausted but happy and grateful for a successful day! :) Of course, photos will follow soon.
After Open Book closed the chapter for this year, I ventured out into DownTown South Bend and participated in ArtBeat. There were tents lined up with art in each one. Artists, dogs and live music--it doesn't get much better than this! Beautifully adorned scarves caught my eye and I ventured over to the St. Margaret's booth. I purchased a beautiful long blue-green scarf that is called "Silk Creations". Women who live in St. Margaret's house create the scarves. Here's a url for more information: Tonight I really wanted to visit friends but I was just too tired. After Steve brought me home, I slept for a few hours, called a dear friend, wrote a few things (including this blog), and now am seriously thinking about going back to sleep. I look forward to a beautiful day tomorrow.

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