Sunday, September 13, 2009

Class Reunion

We attended Steve's 20-year class reunion (Marian High School) last night at Villa Macri in Heritage Square. It was casual but upscale at the same time. We found the reunion upstairs in a private room on the top floor. Televison screens adorned one side of the wall. A narrow hallway contained the cash bar and some places for people to sit. As we walked into the back room, hor d'oeuvres including shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, spicy chicken, an assortment of vegetables, cheese, and meats, and bread. Next to the white bread was oil that one can dip. (Cannot resist bread, folks. Love the bread). There was a cash bar and there were delicious desserts including brownies. Mmmm. Square tables seated six. Old photographs adorned each table (including a round table when first walking up the stairs). There were photographs everywhere and old yearbooks. I thought that was a thoughtful and classy touch. Fortunately, from attending Holy Cross College for two years and knowing various people mostly through Steve, I knew a lot more people than most spouses of class reunion attendees. We did miss a few people who were living too far away or attended the family picnic beforehand. But we enjoyed it and I met new friends while hanging out with others. After throwing a large event like LaSalle Retrofest, I have a renewed awareness and respect for people who take on and throw large events like class reunions. For me, I had a ton of help opening a library branch and throwing this event. Others may only have a few people or even do this themselves despite how far they are living, family, home, and work commitments. Well, kudos to you! (As soon as we can download photos, I'll post a few here).

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CynCyn said...

Events....oh they are so exciting and yet such a pain in the planning...but we smile thru the (ouch!) pains.

Sorta like birthing memoirs yet to be photographed. Hope to talk with you soon about Cali Dreams


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