Friday, September 04, 2009

Garden and Labor Day Weekend

carolgarden #32, 2009--LCS
I took this photograph of a hibiscus at a staff/friend's house this past week. Her garden is amazing and inspires me to pull the weeds in my front yard. I'm going to post a blog about her and her garden. She brings flowers into the library all the time. Thank goodness for three days off. It's been hectic in my world. This morning I had my art appointment, worked all day a bit short-handed, and then went to dinner at Sunny's (Korean restaurant) with friends. It was a great time. I saw a wonderful patron/friend inside and one of my best friends at the tables outside. Then I saw my friends outside and we ate, laughed, and chatted. Of course we closed the place down. After dinner I walked for over an hour. It's peaceful outside in the evening.
Tomorrow I have errands to run and a hair appointment. We're leaving Sunday and Monday as flexible, too. I need time to write and to work on stuff around the house. And sleep, of course. A hobby I am ALWAYS perfecting.

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Derek said...

"...closed the place down." Are you picking up my good habits, now?

You should go to the fireworks show at the Blueberry Fest down in Plymouth Sunday night. Best fireworks show not in the home state.

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