Sunday, September 13, 2009

Music, Revisited

Playing Another Gretch Drumset--SJS 2009
I'm so happy. I received a phone call from a friend I performed music with a long time ago. He's back in town. He's in the process of getting a celtic/folk/indie/jazz/rock band together and asked me to join as a percussionist. I thought about it (for a second) and said yes. Music follows me throughout my life and I believe I am meant to play. My friend will work around my library schedule and it should be fun. He'll get a CD for me. I'll listen to it and play along. This will also inspire me to fix up my drumset and start practicing again. He'd like to do weekend evening performances (and I'll be freed up for that!) starting around November. I look forward to this new adventure. Very stoked.

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CynCyn said...

Always make time to do what you love...drum my sister...Drum!


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