Thursday, October 22, 2009

California Dreaming: Thursday

Thursday, October 15
I hoped to surf today, but the intensity of the waves were too dangerous for new surfers to tackle. Stanley, the owner of the Pacific Beach Surf Shop, dissuaded me from taking a surf lesson today. I have a lot of respect for him for that-- he could have taken my money and not cared. Also, Craig my surfing instructor, was working on Friday not Thursday. So it was really not meant to be a surfing day. And that's fine. Steve and I still had a blast!
We still visited the beach. The weather was cool and windy and overcast--unusual for San Diego. I played in the waves while Steve relaxed on the sand.
I even wrote a haiku:
End of season storm swells
did not discourage me--
I body surfed instead.
LCS/ 2009
And then I wrote one more:
Ocean swells cause
five pelicans to ride waves--
in order to fish.
After hanging out on the beach, Steve and I rented bikes and biked all over the boardwalk from Mission Beach to Pacific Beach. And we caught a sunset. Barely.

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