Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Gaming-Musical-Nature Weekend

Red Flower from Helen's Garden- LCS 2009It's six in the evening and we're preparing to leave tomorrow for Chi-town. Steve is grading and preparing for tomorrow's class. Latte just galloped through the living room with her little kitty waddle moving back and forth. (Have you ever watched the cartoon Cow and Chicken? And how Cow's udders would consistently go in the opposite direction when she ran? Well, that's what that reminded me of. Cute Latte with her skinny legs and her moooving waddle.)
Java, the sophisticated cat, is relaxing in one of her favorite spots: the basket, the couch, or outside in a kitty bed on the porch. I can almost see her rolling her feline eyes at Latte.
I am going to move all the dishes and stuff back into the Hoosier Cabinet and the Hutch. We asked a couple of friends to move the furniture for us. (I did bring ch0colate chip cookies and champagne as a thank-you). I'm finally dealing with the dishes and glasses from the house. We have some more furniture to downsize and rearrange. Then painting and new carpeting installed. That will happen sometime in November. Saturday morning I rode up with my friend B. to meet the other bandmates. M. and S. both sing and they have AMAZING voices. And B. asked me if I was interested in singing. I said yes. I sing and car-dance, and sing in the shower. And today, I was singing in the boulevard with my iPOD. (Kind of loudly... Steve told me it was cute. I didn't realize I was serenading the neighborhood. Oops). Well, I'll be doing percussion and back-up vocals. Very cool. And we picked up a black Zildjian T-shirt. I'm now an official bad-a$$ drummer (LOL). We had a great time at the Lake. It was quiet and cold and beautiful. There were no deer in sight because it's hunting season (shh...don't tell... but I'm secretly rooting for the deer. I would be a nightmare to take on a deer hunt. :D) Dad fixed this awesome beef and noodle soup and then an amazing omelet for breakfast. We went for walks and I snapped photographs. The trees are almost at their prime. Next weekend it should be perfect weather to view the trees on the Lake. After we said goodbye to Dad, Steve and I visited Mom at the cemetery. Then we drove home. And now I returned from another mini-walk and am now catching up on my blog, emails, etc. Soon it will be time to finish laundry and pack (!) and prepare for a fun week!

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