Friday, October 09, 2009


(Surfing in San Diego, CA SJS-2009)
I'm on va-CA-tion, I'm on va-CA-tion! Yes, I'm doing the happy dance...again! We're so excited for our trip to California on Tuesday. We're having a great weekend so far. This morning I had art at 7 a.m.. I even put paint on my jeans and now have art jeans. They look pretty cool.
I went back to bed. Latte joined me for a mid-morning snooze. It was wonderful. Then I ran errands and helped Steve get the house ready for Freeport (his adventure game). I confirmed a time where a bandmate will pick me up tomorrow at 9 a.m. and we will be going to Cassopolis to meet and rehearse with other people. I'm looking forward to it. A drummer friend gave me a cool website to check out: It seems that music is coming to me at all directions. The law of attraction in a most wonderful way.
Later, Steve and I will trek to Gravel Lake to see Dad and see the beauty of autumn in Michigan. It's beautiful up there. It should be more peaceful. Mom always loved autumn at the lake.
On Sunday we will leave Michigan and return home to pack and prepare to leave for Chicago (!) on Monday. Then Tuesday, we leave for California. I hear the waves are flat right now and may not be right for surfing, but I don't mind. Just being completely disconnected from my hectic life with the ocean, sand, and sunshine will be all that I need. And flat ocean water would be a good reason to have a quicker return trip.

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