Monday, November 09, 2009

Artistic Sunday

(Since the person (V.) was brave enough to showcase her art, I am showcasing one of my pieces on this blog entry. It's entitled "Heart".) Yesterday Steve and I attended a service in Elkhart. The service that day was about a person's (V's) grief and her 16 paintings. V lost three children and is working through the same grief therapist I am. Her story truly inspires me as well as her paintings. It is amazing that she can function. Some days are still trying for me--I can't even imagine what she is going through. What was neat was that after the service, people helped move the exhibit across the walkway from the church into another building. One of the helpers was a grandfather who had four beautiful grandchildren. One of the children took a liking to me, and hung out with me while the grandfather was helping. All of the children wore string bracelets. The young girl said to me that her mother told her when they look at their bracelets, the mother is also looking at the bracelets and thinking of them. I thought that was touching. Another person I knew from the library attended and sat with me for awhile. The children liked my hair and asked me if they could braid it. I said sure. So I had four kids braiding my hair. And my friend D. had decorative pieces of yarn to use to tie the ends. This exercise in "hairapy" kept the children occupied while the exhibit was re-created. And I pinky-swore my little friend that I would wear the braids home. And I did. And actually, they looked cute.

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