Crab Legs, NewCastle, and Kalamazoo

After library on Friday, I arrived home and set out to Tradewinds with my father-in-law. This venue changed hands, and is now cleaner and has better service. Our purpose for this visit was to opt for the all-you-can-eat crab legs. Dad S. managed to clear two plates and I cleared three (my record is six, not that I'm counting). We also had a nice chat. Meanwhile, Steve ran his Freeport game, so I returned home to pirates fighting and pillaging... in my basement. Yar... I dressed into my pajamas and the girls (Java and Latte) curled up next to me. This morning, I drove with Bryan to Cassopolis for our music rehearsal. We have a band name! NewCastle! (There's another group with that name, but capitalizing the C makes it authentic and ours. And yes, it's named in honor of the beer. Someone caught on already). We also performed and narrowed down some music to put a demo together. We will give the demo to venues so they can listen to us and (hopefully) will hire us to play. Tonight Steve and I are visiting a friend in Kalamazoo. He is fixing dinner for us. Mmmm. It will be great to see him again.


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