Saturday, November 21, 2009

Musical and Poetic Weekend

It's been a musical and poetic weekend so far. Friday night Steve and I visited friends at Sunny's briefly. We would have liked to have stayed later and had appetizers but it was so busy and we had to leave to go to RhythmWorks! at The Beanery. Watching music, especially percussion, always inspires me. The ensemble let people come to up to play drums with them. I love the interactive environment. Also, the ensemble enjoyed eachother's company. It's very exciting because our band will be playing this venue on Friday, January 22, @ 8:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. This morning I hauled my whole drum kit, a conga drum, and auxiliary percussion to rehearsal today. It was neat to play with the whole ensemble with the whole set. The music is coming along nicely. NewCastle is just an interim name for us, but we're still looking for a name. Tonight I'm enjoying my evening handing out with Steve, writing, and working on my jewelry business and gathering poems to show Jake tomorrow for our book. Very stoked. The challenge will be to choose which ones. Tomorrow I will go for coffee with a friend tomorrow and then a meeting at ArtPost. It's turning into one of my favorite weekend places to relax.

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